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Do not let the word laser scare you.  The technology used by the Zerona Z6 laser is painless and has been used since 1967 to help heal patients after surgery. There are NO side effects. You simply lay on a bed and point the lasers in the areas you want to loss fat. The lasers allow pores in your fat cells to open and gives you anywhere from 48 to 72 hours to naturally release fat.  Below you will find pictures of the process. 


The technology used by the Zerona Z6 laser was initially developed to speed up the recovery process after liposuction surgery. However, it was found that these cold laser treatments could be used as a stand-alone procedure that promoted the liberation of stored intracellular fat.

The Zerona Z6 laser uses low-level laser stimulation to disrupt the membrane of fat cells. This disruption induces the formation of a transitory pore that causes the fatty material of the cell to seep out and move into the interstitial space regulated by the lymphatic system. The result is that fat cells within adipose tissue are shrunk instead of being killed, which can be harmful to the integrity of bodily tissue. In other words, it allows you to release fat how your body would naturally do so. 

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